Prepping for the Islands with Team Cocktail and 70 new friends!

Team Cocktail 2012 Cruise Ad If you’ve been following us on Facebook (here) or Twitter (here), then you know that we couldn’t be more excited about joining the great folks at Team Cocktail for their annual cruise. What better way to escape the dead of winter, than in on a cruise around the Caribbean on the Brilliance of the Sea, with Royal Caribbean. (Visiting islands such as St. Thomas, St. Lucia and St. Croix.) With over 70 island loving individuals signed up for this fun-filled adventure we are sure to have some fantastic stories, a new tan, some faded swimsuits and 70 wonderful new friends by the month-end. Now if you’re sitting there wondering, “What is this Team Cocktail Cruise you speak of?” You can find out all Team Cocktail Cruise 2012the details and more information here. If you’re not one of the lucky ones joining in this time, they are already planning a Mid-Summer trip to the Dominica Republic which is sure to be a can’t miss. These folks don’t just know how to keep you looking stylish in the islands, they have a strong passion for the islands and are the nicest group of people you’d ever want to travel with! We’ve also taken the fun a bit further by joining forces with the promotion team at RAW Marketing, these guys will be helping us out by promoting us while we’re tweeting live from the ship and each of the islands all week-long. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re on this adventure to have fun, meet some great life-long friends but just in case we forget to check in and share RAW Marketing, LLCthe time we’re having with you the RAW Marketing team is going to help us keep everyone updated, so we can truly indulge in the island fun without missing a beat. So in this case, one could say “what happens in the islands…will not be staying in the islands” within reason of course! So keep an eye out for some great pics and posts from the trip…it’s only 9 days away! (Not that we’re counting!) Cheers!
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